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B. A. English

B.A English language and literature seeks to provide the students with detailed knowledge regarding the socio-cultural background of various periods of literature. An in-depth study of literary and critical outputs during the periods and linguistic changes over periods are also outlined in the syllabus alongside with the study of emerging trends in literature and Literary Theory. Our approach to language studies transcends literature and approaches it as an important means of communication.

B.A English tends to focus upon the creative and innate aspects of the development of human personality. I t also adds a new dimension to the over all aesthetic sensibility and sensitivity of the students. The course is of 3 years duration. It consists of 6 semesters within the span of three years. This course inrroduces the students to the world of literature and its various genres such as drama, poetry, novel and film studies.
During an English literature degree, students scrutinize and debate a variety of texts, as well as acquiring knowledge of literary movements, periods and critical approaches that have shaped the way we view literature today. It’ll develop comprehensive written and spoken communication skills, becoming adept at arguing a point, framing a narrative and analyzing various levels of meaning. English degree graduates can be found in more or less every industry, filling a variety of roles – from editor to academic, and legal advisor to manager.
Literature is a highly interdisciplinary category. One can learn about history, culture, politics, sociology, Marxism, Feminism, Post colonialism, critical theory, literary theory, Structuralism, Post Structuralism. For a person who genuinely wants to study literature, the field is fatally vast and deep. There is an infinite stream of knowledge to satisfy an unquenchable thirst that yearns to know more, without knowing why it wants to know more.
Studying this programme will enable you to:
1. Expand knowledge and understanding of cultural, historical and regional evolutions or continuities of literatures in     English.
2. develop an understanding of the diverse and sometimes conflicting ways in which literary texts have been                 interpreted and area being reinterpreted.
3. gain the skills to read, discuss and write about literary and non-literary texts effectively and with confidence.
How is B.A. English Literature Course Beneficial?
• BA (English Literature) degree holders are eligible for pursuing their Post graduate degrees in the subject of English Literature and thus become further eligible for the job of a lecturer/teacher to teach the subject at various levels.
• They have also the option of going in area including museums. community and voluntary organizations.
• They can run private coaching centres regarding English language coaching. speaking and the like.

B.A. English Literature Employment Areas –
• Broadcasting
• Business Process Outsourcing Units
• Business Organizations
• Civil Services
• Communication Management
• Film and Video Production
• Film Editing and Direction
• Graphics and Printing Industry
• Local and International Call Centres
• Media & Entertainment Industry
• Theatre

B.A. English Literature Job Types –
• Teacher & Lecturer
• Copy Editor – English Literature
• Subject Matter Expert- English Literature
• English Content Writer
• Translator
• English Language Trainer
• Spoken English Trainer

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