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Syllabus Outline


MCA Syllabus outline [ 2020 Admission Onwards ]

Bridge Course

  • MCA BC01 Computer Fundamentals and HardwareMCA BC02 Foundations of Mathematics and Statistics concepts
  • MCA BC03 Digital Fundamentals
  • MCA BC04 Problem Solving Techniques
  • MCA BC05 Fundamentals of Computer Networks
  • MCA BC06 Introduction to Operating system and DBMS
  • MCA BC07 Introduction to Web Technology
    Bridge Course is designed for the students who takes admission from Non computer Background courses.
 It is a 40 hours course so that students gets the basic idea of Computer subjects before learning the
 actual subjects of the  MCACourse 

I Semester


MCA CT 101 Mathematical & Statistical foundation for Computer Applications
MCA CT 102 Digital Logic & Computer Organization
MCA CT 103 Structured programming in C
MCA CT 104 Software Engineering and Object oriented modeling
MCA CT 105 Database technology and NoSql
MCA CP 106 Database technology Lab(Mysql & Mongodb)
MCA CP 107 Software Development Lab- I (C programming)
MCA CT 108 Employability Skill Training- Phase 1



II Semester

MCA CT201 Optimization Techniques for Computer Applications
MCA CT202 Data structures and Algorithm Analysis
MCA CT203 Computer Networking with TCP/IP
MCA CT204 Data Science & Big data Analysis
MCA CP205 Object oriented Lab(Java Lab)
MCA CP206 Software development lab-II (PHP)
MCA CP207 Data structures Lab using C

III Semester


IV Semester




MCA Syllabus outline [ 2017 Admission Onwards ]

I Semester

  • MCA101T Discrete Mathematics and Statistics
  • MCA102T Fundamentals of Data Structures
  • MCA103T Paradigms of Programming Languages
  • MCA104T Digital Systems & Computer Architecture
  • MCA105T Problem Solving and Programming in C
  • MCA106P C Practicals
  • MCA107P Data Structures through C
  • MCA108T English for Professional Communication

II Semester

  • MCA 201P Optimization Techniques & Numerical Methods
  • MCA 202P Operating Systems
  • MCA 203P Database Management Systems
  • MCA 204P Data Communications & Networks
  • MCA 205P Web Technologies
  • MCA 206P DBMS Practicals
  • MCA 207P Web Technologies Practicals’

III Semester

  • MCA 301T Principles of Management & Accounting
  • MCA 302T Analysis & Design of Algorithms
  • MCA 303T Object Oriented Programming through Java
  • MCA 304T Software Engineering & Project Management
  • MCA 305T Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • MCA 306P PHP Programming Practicals
  • MCA 307P OOPS through Java Practicals


IV Semester

  • MCA 401T System Software
  • MCA 402T Data Mining
  • MCA 403T TCP/IP Protocols
  • MCA 404T Linux OS and Shell programming
  • MCA 405E Elective- I
  • MCA 406P Linux OS & Shell programming Practicals
  • MCA 407D Mini Project-Application Development

V Semester

  • MCA 501T User Interface Design
  • MCA 502T Knowledge Management & Business Intelligence
  • MCA 503T Enterprise Resource Planning
  • MCA 504T Advanced Java Programming
  • MCA 505E Elective – II
  • MCA 506P Advanced Java Programming Practicals
  • MCA 507P Python Programming – Practicals
  • MCA 508S Main Seminar – Current Trends

VI Semester

  • MCA 601D Project
  • MCA 602V Viva-voce



  • Microprocessor and Embedded Systems (E41)
  • Big Data Analytics (E42)
  • Cloud and Grid Computing (E43)
  • Social Network Analysis (E44)
  • Cryptography and Computer Security (E45)
  • Soft Computing (E46)



  • Ad-hoc & Sensor Networks (E51)
  • Multimedia Systems (E52)
  • Information Security & E-Commerce (E53)
  • Digital Image Processing (E54)
  • Distributed Computing (E55)
  • Computer Graphics with Open GL (E56)

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