KRISTU JYOTI COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY Changanacherry Affiliated to MG University & Approved by AICTE New Delhi

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Department of Psychology


Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental processes. A good deal of human behavior is familiar but puzzling and mysterious to us. Therefore, a course in psychology will help one to understand the complexities of human behavior and answers the why’s and how’s of behavior. The Department of Psychology in Kristu Jyoti College was established in the year 2014. Our Department aims to provide an environment that facilitates in-depth, quality education to students aspiring to understand themselves and others.

The major focus is to develop a holistic outlook toward life and prepare the students for their careers by imparting in-depth knowledge, critical thinking, research inquiry, skills in various fields of Psychology and to develop sensitivity to psychological dynamics for better individual and societal wellbeing.


Department of Psychology strives to become a center of excellence for professional education where aspiring students are transmitted into professionals who can deal with emotional, psychological and psychosocial disturbances in the society and contribute their best to the society.


The Department of Psychology is proud to announce the University ranks achieved by our students over the past academic years.

Name of students Rank in MGU Year Grade Grade point
Josily Achamma Mathew 1 2017 A+ 9.4
Stemy George 9 2017 A 8.97
Reshma Krishnan 1 2018 A+ 9.66
Priya Soi Pulickal 4 2019 A+ 9.33
Feby Baiju 5 2019 A+ 9.30
Serene Sara Mathew 7 2019 A+ 9.20
Gopika Satish 8 2019 A+ 9.18
Anjali Sukumar Varma 9 2019 A+ 9.18
Jikku Mariam John 10 2019 A+ 9.17



To direct the students in various psychological assessments and interpretations, a well-equipped laboratory with various Psychometric tools to assess the level of Intelligence, Personality (Objective and Projective), Interest, Aptitude, Neuro-psychology, Social skills, Cognitive processes, Psychophysics Perception, etc is set up by the department.


In terms of Academic success, our department has marked its excellence with students who secured top ranks in the MG University Semester Examinations.

Our previous First Rank holders are:

                                                                            Josily Achamma Mathew (2017)

                                                                            Reshma Krishnan (2018)

The Star of KCMT Award for the year 2019 was presented to Abhishek Mathew Varghese.

Our students have showcased their knowledge and talents in not just competitions and events that happen within the college alone. They have secured A grades in various competitions for the M.G. University Youth festival. Over the past 6 years, they have participated and secured prizes in several inter-college fests and competitions held at various other institutions like Fatima Mata National College, Kollam; Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Kochi and so on.



The students are constantly encouraged and supported to participate in not just academic activities but also in other programs that enhance their personality like art and sports. Our students have bagged several prizes in various Sports events such as- 100m sprint, Long jump, Football.

The department is also proud that the students have been winning the Overall Arts Championship for Srishti (2017-19) consecutively for the past 3 years by their consistent and creative performances in various arts competitions, both on and off-stage.

Our students have also secured A grades in various events for the M. G. University Youth festival.

We encourage active participation in inter-college fests and competitions as well. Our students showcase stellar performance consistently in these platforms as well.

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