KRISTU JYOTI COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY Changanacherry Affiliated to MG University & Approved by AICTE New Delhi

An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institution

Member-United Nations Academic

Impact Programme

The English Department offers add-on courses such as:

1.Insertion of Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking skills in students.

2.Training upon various theoretical aspects of English LANGUAGE.

3.English Department offered an innovative course titled “Bridge Course”. The course was extended to the newly admitted students to get them acquainted with the various aspects related to English Language and Literature prior to the commencement of their formal classes. In fact, the course was aimed at revitalising the academic proficiency of students in relation to English Language and Literature studies in general and English communication acquisition skill in particular. The areas this novel course concentrated upon are

       (a) Tenses

       (b) Discussion on the History of English Language and Literature

       (c) Speaking Skill

      (d) Role Play

      (e) Make a Commercial

      (f) Book review

      (g)Movie Review

      (h) Different models of Self-Introduction

      (i) On the Spot exposition on a Topic

      (j) Listening Skill

      (k) Writing Skill

      (l) Reading skill


      (n) Short Speeches

      (o) Sentence Structures

      (p) Grammar Patterns such as Parts of Speech, Passive voice and Question Tags and

      (q) Different Interactive Activities to spruce up the communication efficiency and effectiveness of the students.