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Impact Programme

M.Sc. Psychology (Two Year Programme)

Aim of the Programme

The broad aim of the program is to provide a comprehensive and in depth theoretical and practical understanding of psychology. The masters programme is designed with an outcome-based approach in teaching learning process. One who undergoes the programme is expected to acquire professional competency in the field of psychology. The professional programme is designed to prepare students for employment or to be a competitive applicant for doctoral programs

 Selection Criteria:

A candidate who has passed B.A/B.Sc. Psychology, approved by M G University with a minimum of 50 % are eligible to pursue the M.Sc. Psychology Programme on a regular basis. Admission into the program is on the basis of PGCAP under Mahatma Gandhi University.

Duration of the Programme:

The programme shall be spread over four semesters with each semester having a duration of 90 days

Medium of Instruction and Assessment:

The medium of instruction shall be English. There shall be continuous assessment of the students on an internal basis based on the provisions of the Regulations and end semester examinations conducted by University. The final assessment shall be based on both the above components in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations

Specializations offered:

Three Streams of Electives are offered of which the students can select one stream. All the courses of the particular stream selected have to be taken by the student. The elective stream is spread over semester three and four with two courses each in both these semesters. The Streams offered as electives are (1) Clinical Psychology, (2) Educational Psychology and (3) Organizational Behavior

Note on compliance with the UGC Minimum Standards for the conduct and award of Post Graduate Degrees:

The programme is offered in accordance with the UGC Minimum Standards for the conduct and award of Post Graduate Degrees. The student has to secure 80 credits to complete the programme successfully.

Programme Outcome:

M.Sc. Psychology degree programme offered by University is outcome based and the specific outcomes expected are as follows:

PO 1 Equip and enable the students through providing conceptual understanding of psychology
PO 2 Fostering ability to engage in lifelong learning, demonstrating empathetic social concern, contributing to the development of nation, by making sue of awareness gained on various issues
PO 3 Enhancing the horizon of knowledge so as to enable the learners to carry out qualitative research and pursue academic or professional careers.
PO 4 Developing problem analysis skills and knowledge and applying the same in real life situation.
PO 5 Using research knowledge and aptitude acquired in the course of study for solving socially relevant problem
PO 6 Professionalize psychology through providing and familiarizing the recent trends and advances in psychology


Programme Specific Outcome:

PSO 1 Inculcate theoretical knowledge of psychological principles and experiments
PSO 2 Imparting advanced knowledge and skills and provide awareness regarding the latest development in the field of psychology
PSO 3 Acquisition of expertise in specialized fields like clinical psychology, educational psychology and industrial psychology
PSO 4 Provide a sound knowledge about the psychometric tools and assessment
PSO 5 Enable the students to administer and analyze the various psycho therapies and treatment methods
PSO 6 Facilitating learner to pursue career in professional areas of psychology
PSO 7 Develop a scientific attitude, knowledge about cognitive processes that govern human behavior and be able to communicate the understanding in simple and scientific language.
PSO 8 Enhance the professional skill of the student

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